Welfare technology that

Increases the operation efficiency and the care recipients' quality of life

When your care recipients can manage their communication independently, their activity and participation in their loved ones’ everyday life increases. It reduces their feeling of loneliness and that increases the quality of life, which reduces the need for care.

Care recipient

Simplicity, safety & accessibility

– Increases independence
– Creates participation
– Increases activity
– Creates safety
– Reduces involuntary loneliness
– Increases the quality of life
– Reduces the need for care



Combined physical and digital visits

– Increases accessibility
– Creates participation
– Increases security
– Reduces any guilty conscience
– Increases the quality of life

Staff / Operation

More effective care

– Proactively creates care
– Saves time
– Increases the quality of care
– Better dialogue with the care recipient
– Better dialogue with relatives
– Better working environment
– Reduces the risk of disease spread


Members only

It is only invited members who can communicate with the care recipient. This means that no salesmen or fraudsters.
-For the care recipient, the app is installed on a tablet and is specially adapted with large, logical and educational symbols and images.
– The app for relatives is downloaded to a smartphone. In it, all members can see the call list, pictures and messages sent.

Video call

On the tablet there are all invited contacts with name and picture. The video call is initiated immediately when the care recipient presses the image. For incoming calls, the picture and name of the person calling and the question “do you want to answer” are displayed.
After ending the call, you automatically return to the main menu.

Pictures & messages

When relatives sends a photo with an included message to the tablet, it is automatically displayed as a large image on the screen. When the photo is clicked down, it is saved as an image in a library under the “Postcard” menu.


Getting started and listening to the radio on your own is a valued activity. Radio channels that are currently available via Loopeli are Sveriges Radio P1, P2 and P4.

Customer report from residents and staff at a special accommodation in Norrköping. Meet Solveig, 91, and activity coach Mia.
Customer report from residents, relatives and staff at a special accommodation, dementia ward

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Ta del av nyttonalyser som Östersunds kommun genomfört för att utvärdera Loopeli i sin kommun. Analyserna visar kvalitativa och ekonomiska nyttor.